Our Story

Rose Zacharias Palacio affectionately known as Granny P.

Granny P’s was born from Mystery Furtado's deep reverence for her grandmother, Rose Zacharias Palacio, affectionately known as Granny P. Determined to preserve her grandmother’s cherished legacy, Mystery embarked on a mission to share nature’s precious gift—sea moss. As a woman-owned business based in London, Granny P’s essence is encapsulated in jars overflowing with health and nourishment.

Sea moss, celebrated globally for its dense nutrients, lies at the heart of Granny P’s story—a recipe cherished through five generations. Mystery envisioned a brand steeped in the warmth and love reminiscent of a grandmother's embrace, offering a natural source of vitamins and minerals, untouched by preservatives. As a single mother of two boys and a nursing graduate, Mystery's dedication and passion culminated in the establishment of Granny P’s in 2020.

Granny P’s isn’t just about products; it’s a tribute to Rose Palacio’s profound love, care, and resilience. Rooted in the values of health, healing, and affection, our mission extends beyond wellness. We aspire to create a nurturing sanctuary where the essence of love intertwines seamlessly with the pursuit of well-being. Join us in embracing Granny P’s legacy—a celebration of a remarkable life and an enduring commitment to spreading love and wellness to all who encounter our brand.

Our Mission: 

"Granny P’s, rooted in culture and legacy, is committed to providing pure, preservative-free sea moss products for those seeking a natural source for vital vitamins and minerals."

At the heart of Granny P’s mission lies the extraordinary life of Rose Zacharias Palacio, a devoted mother to seven children, six boys, and one girl. Her unwavering faith and deep-rooted spirituality were evident in her daily prayers, a cornerstone of strength that moved mountains in her life. Despite enduring immense struggles due to an abusive marriage, she persevered, working tirelessly to provide for her family.

In her pursuit to nurture her children's health and fortitude, Granny P turned to nature's remedies, shunning conventional medication for time-honored recipes passed down through generations. Sea moss, among her favorite superfoods, stood out for its remarkable health benefits. Her belief in the potency of natural remedies shaped her approach to wellness.

Granny P’s is more than a business—it’s a tribute to Rose Palacio’s resilience, her unwavering love for her family, and her dedication to natural healing. Rooted in her legacy, our mission is to honor her spirit by sharing the healing power of sea moss while fostering wellness, resilience, and vitality for all. Join us in celebrating Rose’s enduring legacy, embracing nature’s gifts, and promoting a healthier, more vibrant life for generations to come.

Our Vision: 

Our vision at Granny P’s is to pioneer the first Black-led health emporium in Southwestern Ontario, an establishment that stands as a tribute to the rich tapestry of health practices and remedies stemming from the diverse cultures within the African diaspora. We fervently believe that representation is not just essential but paramount, recognizing the systemic gap that has often marginalized minority groups, leaving them distanced from the comprehensive spectrum of health and wellness. Through our initiative, we aspire to transform this narrative, ensuring that individuals from underrepresented backgrounds witness their culture and experiences reflected in health practices, organizational structures, and the diverse cadre of health practitioners.

Our brick-and-mortar establishment shall transcend the conventional; it will emerge as a sanctuary, a resounding safe haven that not only redefines but reshapes the very fabric of our collective understanding of health and wellness. More than a mere store, it will embody inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity at its core, welcoming every individual into an environment carefully curated to promote holistic well-being. Our commitment lies in breaking barriers, setting new precedents, and fostering a paradigm shift that embraces cultural diversity as an integral part of the health continuum. We envision a transformative space where every person, regardless of background, feels validated, heard, and represented—ultimately creating a new standard for equitable and inclusive health practices in our community and beyond

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“My goal is to keep her legacy alive by opening London’s first Black Health Food Store in Southwestern Ontario!”
Mystery Furtado, First granddaughter of Granny P, Founder of Granny P's