Our Story

The one and only, Granny P.

To understand the values and foundation of Granny P’s and our mission, we must first get to know it's phenomenal namesake Rose Zacharias Palacio, or as she was better known Granny P, whose life the business has been sculpted to represent. Granny P's person is best characterized by the endless love, care, and strength that shadowed every moment of her life, all of which she used to embrace everyone she met. 

At its core, Granny P’s is a business that aims to share with the rest of the world the life story of Rose Palacio, or as she was better known, Granny P, through its mission of health, healing, and love. While promoting health and wellness, the top aim of Granny P's is to be a safe environment where love and wellness can flow through and touch everyone who shares in the experience.


Our Goal:

The business itself aims to bridge the massive gap which often exists between the kind of health and wellness resources that specifically cater to and identify with black culture. With Granny P's we hope to provide personalized health and wellness approaches that the black demographic can identify with. We strive to nurture are inclusive environment where everyone’s health and wellness needs can be met.

This design is adopted from Rose Palacio’s (Granny P’s) emphasis on health and wellness throughout her life and her tendency to opt for natural remedies in place of over-the-counter drugs and medicines. Granny P's also aims to promote the use of natural remedies by improving the accessibility of these to the general public. All in all, Granny P, the matriarch and strong person that she was, continues to inspire and we believe everyone could share a slice of her wisdom and knowledge, which is the purpose of the founding of Granny P’s. Her life was riddled with difficulty as she had to be both mother and father to her seven children while also facing a lot of financial struggles. Still, she overcame these graciously and met every obstacle thrown at her with faith in God as she continued to push forward with and thus her legacy of strength was solidified. We hope that this legacy can be preserved through Granny P's.

Our main goal is for Granny P's to be a symbol of perseverance, resilience, and hope, characteristics which are all inherited from Rose Palacio, who is the model, inspiration, and namesake. Granny P’s lifestyle was a testament to her values, the same values which are now the foundations on which Granny P’s is being built. 

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“My goal is to keep her legacy alive by opening London’s first Black Health Food Store in Southwestern Ontario!”
Mystery Furtado, First granddaughter of Granny P, Founder of Granny P's